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Clearly Obscure: Strategy & Consulting

Open Lock Marketing offers sales strategies for your business. We deliver a variety of customized-out-of-the-box-solutions. We take the standard 'out-of-the-box' solution and tailor it to address your unique company requirements. We work with: Go to Marketing Strategies, Social Media Strategies, Marketing Strategies and Campaign Strategies.

Quietly Loud: Partner Program & Enablement

Take your business to another level. If your company is looking to create a Partner Program from scratch or enhance an existing one, let Open Lock Marketing help your business reach its potential with partners. We provide Partner Services involving: Partner Identification, Partner On-Boarding and Partner Program Best Practices.

Real Imagination: Collateral and Enablement

Open Lock Marketing provides digital services to bring your ideas from imagination to real and tangible solutions. Some of our collaterals consist of: video production, content creation, webinar planning and execution, asset/ collateral creation and event templates.


Solutions are our passion.


Here's Your Key

Strategies for Your Business

Go to Market Strategy:  We offer packages including planning templates, time schedules, promotion tactics and business development penetration strategies to ensure your launch is a success.

Social Media Strategy: Not all social media outlets are the same. Since your company is unique, creating a brand identity with social media is incredibly important. We provide guidance around Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube – just to name a few.

Marketing Strategy: Marketing is a broad term. Companies may refer to Marketing in any of the following context - Product Marketing, Partner Marketing, Lead Generation, Events, Public Relations, Brand Identity. Open Lock Marketing analyzes your company’s business goals and provides a strategy for use, in conjunction with your existing resources.

Campaign Strategy: Open Lock Marketing is passionate about creativity. Whether it’s raising brand awareness, building out a sponsorship package or executing an email campaign, Open Lock Marketing provides a thorough strategy plan with goals and metrics to achieve campaign success. 

Partner Identification: ISV’s, VARs, OEM, SI’s – Who do you work with? Depending on your Partner Program goals and resource capabilities, Open Lock Marketing tailors the standard partner program and helps you define your ideal partner.

Partner On-Boarding: Creating a process to on-board new Partners is practically on-boarding a new employee. Ensuring that partners are on-boarded correctly prepares them for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Partner Program Best Practices: Open Lock Marketing has built successful partnership programs. Let us sweat the small stuff, we’ve been there – done that.

Open Lock Marketing provides digital services to bring your ideas from imagination to real and tangible solutions. Types of services: Video production, Content creation, Webinar planning and execution, Asset/ collateral creation and Event templates.

Social Media Strategy

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest

Marketing Strategy

Product, Partner, Lead Generation, Brand, Email

Partner Program Best Practices

Enablement, Training, Scorecard, Discount Structure

Events and Collateral

Video, Webinar, Trade show, Case Study, Press Release

About Us

Open Lock Marketing provides your company the key to unlock your Marketing potential. Based in San Francisco, California Open Lock Marketing works with small to mid-size companies all over the world. With gathered work experience from companies such as IBM, Brightidea and Atlassian, Open Lock Marketing utilizes corporate knowledge and embraces challenges and change them to become opportunities.

  • "Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

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